6 - 8 weeks

1st June 2020

Basic understanding of Programming Languages.

Java, Kotlin. No matter whether you are familiar with Java / Kotlin or not, we will help you to learn both the languages from the basics.

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Certification of completion, Job offer based on Performance, 2 months mentor support After completion of the course.


What you will learn?

1. Core Java
- Basic of Java (syntax ,features , JVM ,JDK).
- Basic of OOPS(Class , Objects ,Inheritance ,Polymorphism , Abstraction ).
2. Data Structure & Algo(DSA)
3. Introduction to Android
- Dagger.
- Kotlin
- Architectural Components
- Lifecycle, LiveData, ViewModel
- RxJava
- Room Database
- Networking with Retrofit
- MVVM Architecture
- Android Build Systems
- Memory Management
- Networking and Caching
- Image Loading and Glide
- Third Party Libraries


After this Internship, You will be able to easily:-

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  • Get your app live on play store.
  • Get your first job in android.
  • Start converting ideas into android app.
Learn By Doing

You will learn all the topics by building the apps within the listed categories.

1. Speedometer

Speedometer App

2. Gallery

Speedometer App

3. Periodic Table

Speedometer App

4. Locate Me

Speedometer App

5. MovieListing App

Speedometer App

6. Quotes App

Speedometer App

7. NearbyBeacon

Speedometer App

8. Todo

Speedometer App

9. Book Store App

Speedometer App

10. Sound Recorder

Speedometer App

11. Timer app

Speedometer App

12. Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar

13. Simple Media Player

Simple Calendar


Who Can Attend This Android Internship Program :

Students belonging to 3rd year / 4th year of their graduation (B.Tech) / Pass Out / Freshers / Job Seekers.

(Android Internship RoadMap)

Duration 4-6 weeks (Avg 7-8 hours / day)
  • Week 1 : Fundamentals
    • Brush up on your knowledge of software development fundamentals.
    • Core Java.
    • Basic of Java (syntax, features, JVM, JDK).
    • Basic of OOPS (Class, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction ).
    • Concept of Concurrency In Java(Threads, ThreadPool, Service etc).
    • Collection framework ( List, HashMap, TreeMap, LinkedList, Iterable, Set, etc ).
    • Overview of Sorting Algorithms, Searching Algorithms, and other useful algorithms.
  • Week 2 : Android Basic UI
    • Orientation session on Zoom/Slack/Google Meet once during Internship by Industry Expert(30 mins).
    • Android Development Basics.
    • Brief Introduction About Android (Components of Android, Activity, Activity lifecycle, Basic of Views, Architecture, Basics of XML, Setting Up Android Studio, creating first sample project, Learn the project structure of android, overview of Gradle, Maven, API, SDK etc ).
    • Pushing your first sample project on GIT (Github / GitLab / BitBucket).
    • Assignments on views like creating complex UI.
    • Transforming paper drawn UI into App etc.
  • Week 3 : Mastering the UI Components
    • Showing a list of items on Screen using RecyclerView from hard coded data like (Array of strings, Reading the items from database and showing it onto the recycler view using SQL QUERY).
    • Creating First project Quotes using a db file provided by the instructor(Mastering the Activity and SQL, RecyclerVIew).
    • Fragments, Lifecycle of Fragments.
    • ViewPager adding both these into the existing project.
    • Learn Navigation Drawer, Adding navigation drawer to the App.
    • Learn type of Intents (Implicit, Explicit), MIME Types etc, Add features like Copy quotes and share it on the whats app and other SocialMediaPlatform using ClipBoardManager etc, give touch to the ui and wrap up the current project.
  • Week 4 : Dive deep into Firebase
    • Brief Introduction About Firebase
    • Basic of JSON.
    • Link your project with Firebase.
    • Push Notification Using Firebase.
    • Adding Crashlytics And Analytics Using Firebase.
  • Week 5 - 6 : Miscellaneous week
    • Miscellaneous week (Material Design ,Library integration like (picasso, glide, gson ,other 3P library ).
    • Building the first sample app using APIs and network library like Retrofit ) OverView of main thread and background thread.
    • Synchronous and Asynchronous task.
    • Overview on Different Design patterns in android (MVC, MVVM, MVP, Factory Pattern, Builder Pattern etc).
    • RoomDB.
    • LiveData.
    • ViewModels.
    • Databinding.
    • ViewBinding etc.
Who Can Attend This Android Internship Program

** By the end of the internship you will be assigned with a live project (idea proposed by intern), those who’re able to complete the projects within the deadline will be offered a Job At Nirmal Labs. **

Note: Above internship period can be extended on the basis of performance of the intern but it will have different procedures and students have to fill out an internship extension form provided by the company.